Suha krajina, kjer Čas teče drugače
Dryland, where Time has a different pace


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The Suha krajina Tourist Association

The Suha Krajina Tourist Association provides tourist and other information and organizes tourist, recreation, and cultural events. For organized groups, it prepares attractive and interesting programs at Žužemberk Castle with folk singers, musicians, and knights. It also organizes guided tours with local guides. 


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Municipality of Žužemberk

Market Town Days


Žužemberk, Suha krajina –  July 

The Market Town Days represent the biggest and most visible cultural, recreational and tourist event in Suha krajina, but are one of the biggest events in the wider Dolenjska region. The event brings together past and present.

The programme features a host of established Slovenian as well as foreign artists. The event at Žužemberk commences with the opening of a painting exhibition and concert by one of the legends of Slovenian music, continues with the presentation of Slovenian ethnology, songs and dances, bike race, market town games, performances by young accordion players, the Suha krajina market and a true party.

Sunday is the day for the well-known and celebrated Medieval Day. This also marks the central event accompanied by the market, knights, medieval ladies, dances, knight duels and interesting events from the extensive history of the Žužemberk Castle. After 9 p.m., municipality festivities are celebrated with a concert by a famous Slovenian band and fireworks....

The Market Town Days conclude on Monday with one hour of memory commemorating the birth of Rozalija Sršen or Zalla Zarana – the first Hollywood actress from Slovenia, born on 16 July 1897 at Žužemberk.